Monday, September 10, 2012


Same date. New timezone. It feels like I've been celebrating my birthday for more than a day. Greetings from Facebook and Twitter, text messages from friends, and personal greetings from family members. Birthdays are like New Year's Day to me. I become an age older, start my journey as a 23-year old man.

My birthday celebration started yesterday when I went out with my 'friends with benefits'. He's late. That's a first. I hate late. I am very punctual with time. I don't like being late and waiting for someone who's late. But instead of hating this guy, I felt worried. I know he had a very tiring day the previous day fixing his boat and last thing I know was he's still out at the bar. I felt worried that something bad had happened but I kinda figured that he might not wake up in time and overslept. I am right. After an hour and a half of waiting, I finally received a message from him: "Shit I'm Sorry", Whew! I knew it. He overslept.

And so I went to our meeting place - the post office. It's a cold morning and I felt it the moment I opened our door and stepped out of the house. The post office is not that far so I started walking. Its good that it only took me a few minutes to arrive at the post office and I only had to wait for him for a few minutes at the post office.

We went straight to his home. We talked a bit and snuggled at his home. I still have no idea at that time on where is he taking me for my birthday. It drives me crazy but I like good surprises. It excites me a lot that's why I really like it.

After about a couple of hours, he took a shower, left his home, and went to our destination - the zoo. Great choice. He's really knows me well. If you didn't knew, that was only the second time for me to go to the zoo my entire life.

We started our day at the zoo by eating some corn dogs and fries. This is a bit embarrassing and I don't think I mentioned this to him but that was my first time to eat corn dogs. I eat regular hotdogs but not corn dogs (well not until that day). We also ate a coconut cream pie which is really good. I like cakes. I prefer cakes than ice creams.

We walked for several hours at the zoo. I saw tigers, giraffes, bears, rhinocerus, and a lot of other animals. It was a long walk, good thing I enjoy walking now more than before. I used to be the boy who gets exhausted easily even on short works. It was the first time for me to see those animals for real so it was really fun.

The best part of my zoo experience - The Skyfari. I was really freaking out and terribly scared at first, but I'm excited at the same time because it's another first for me. When I was up there with him he made me feel relax having him beside me (he really knows how to make me feel relaxed) and I started to enjoy the whole experience. I really loved it!

After having fun at the zoo, we grabbed some ice cream. He said he wants to see me eat an ice cream from the cone. He wants to see me lick an ice cream from the cone. Seriously? LOL! Well he said he's craving for an ice cream. I think that makes more sense and sounds more valid.

Then we went to this bridge that connects two different states and then we went back home because he's starting to feel tired. When we reached his home, we went to his bed and cuddled more. I fell asleep for a few minutes and when I woke him up when he woke up and had sex. It felt so great.

After that he became hungry so we went out to eat at a Mongolian grill. It was a nice dinner. I had two plates of yumminess. It was my first and definitely will not be the last time that I will eat on that restaurant. The food was really good.

Then we went back to his home and tried to help him packing his stuff. While he's packing his stuff, he opened up a lot of interesting things about him and showed me some interesting stuff he has. Then we started to snuggle again and had sex again, this time it was a lot of work because we're both tired already, but it still went out great.

Its almost midnight and its time for me to go home. So after we had sex, I hugged him tight for a few minutes. He's already tired and he still needs to bring me home and go back to his place but I insisted for that few minutes. Just a few more minutes, at that time I wish I can stay longer. I was thinking about sleepover at his apartment but I kinda felt that its a little too much for him. He already spent his entire day with me and that's more than enough for me. So after a few minutes I took a quick shower and had him bring me back home.

He'll be leaving on Wednesday. When will I see him again? I don't know. One thing I know, I will always remember him as a good friend and will keep in touch with him. I know and I believe that this will not be the last time that I will see him.

Earlier today, I took the written exam at DMV for a learner's permit and finally after my third attempt I passed the exam already. Now I can start to learn how to drive. I am so eager right now to learn how to drive so that I can go to places I haven't been before. It opened up a new hope for me. A hope that one day I will be able to drive my own car as I start to take control of my own life. That's a different story. Let's just all wait and see what will happen next.

Thank you buddy.
Friends for keeps.

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