Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I know we've only known each other for a few months, that we can never be more than friends, and that you're nearly a thousand miles away from me right now, but I keep thinking of you. I don't know what's so different about you that you affect my life this much. For the short period of time that we've known each other, you have touched my life in a way that nobody else does.

You are moving forward with your own life and here I am stuck in the moment where you left me hoping that one day you'll come back and pick me up from where you have left me or at least someone else will pick me up on where you've left me. The only problem is I've been looking at the wrong places. I realized that you're someone that is not that easy to replace.

As I look around for a new friend I got lost and realized that I am looking on the wrong way. It just started to struck me now after what happened to me earlier today. And I'm pretty sure you guys don't want to know about that. It felt like I picked a stone to hit my head hard to wake myself up and realize these things.

Since you left, I kept on thinking a lot of 'what ifs' and 'buts'. What if I knew you before him? What if we've spent more time together when you were here? What if you liked me more than him? What if you haven't met him? I know these questions will just stay on my mind unanswered.

You found a new friend on your new home. I was able to get a chance to get to know your new friend through social networking sites and as well as with occasional chats and I have to say that he's really a nice guy. I am happy for you but deep inside I feel sad for myself.

I have to move forward.
I need to move forward.
I will move forward.
I am moving forward.

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