Thursday, October 11, 2012


Wear and tear. Deterioration. Obsolescence. Decrease in value. These are some of the things that comes to my mind when I think of depreciation. I learned from my Accounting class way back in high school and college that most tangible assets depreciates. But recently I've realized that even relationships, like friendship, can depreciate too. People walk in and out of our life because our value or worth decreases in time. Some will just be there for a short period of time while others will stay there for a while.

Family. As we grow old and learn how to do things on our own we slowly grow apart from our families. Most people would move out of their house once they feel that they can start to live independently. Others stay with their families but starts to explore what more the world can offer. But there are also others who sticks with their family because they still find their families valuable to their lives. For some its because of love and/or support they get from their family while for others its because their family depends on them.

I live with my sister and my brother-in-law. I support my mom's medical needs financially even if she's miles away from me right now. I love my family. They're the most precious people I have in my life right now. They're always there for me. But at my age right now I'm starting to think that I am depending to them too much as they depend on me too. There's nothing wrong with that except that I am too close to my family that it became difficult for me to gain friends and socialize.

Friends. Facebook and Twitter people are my only social life right now. I hardly go out with friends. Most of my friends are far away from me and I only have a few good friends. I like meeting new people but my life is too boring for most people because I do not have that much to share. I do not have that much experience socializing with people. They frequently say that I am too nice and prompt. I hardly can relate with the interest of people. I am a wallflower.

A wallflower treasures friendship like a diamond. I used to believe that long-distance relationship problems only occurs on romantic relationships but then I started to realize that it can also make friendship fade. You are both busy with your own lives. You may keep in touch a lot at first but when one finds a new friend, eventually they will start to get tired keeping in touch until one disappears. Just like a kid with a favorite toy, when he gets a new toy he will get tired of his old toy, regardless of how much he liked the toy at first.

So I guess all relationship depreciates, whether it is with your family or with a friend. As much as you want to keep them, one's worth for a person is as much time a person can spare for you - regardless if one is busy or not. A worthy person will find time for you regardless if one is busy or not.

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