Sunday, October 7, 2012


I saw #50ThingsIWantToDoBeforeIDie trending on Twitter right now and I realized that 50 tweets for this is too much so I decided to just make a blog post for this one.
  1. Travel around the world
  2. Learn how to drive
  3. Learn how to swim
  4. Get an MBA
  5. Finish a marathon
  6. Settle down
  7. Be independent
  8. Get my own place
  9. Payoff all my debts
  10. Make my mom proud of me
  11. Fall in love
  12. watch an Adele concert live
  13. Be the boss
  14. Kiss under the rain
  15. Celebrate New Year's Eve at Times Square, NYC
  16. Meet my father and all my brothers and sisters in person
  17. Climb a mountain
  18. Bring my mom here in the US
  19. Watch a broadway show in NYC
  20. Drive my own car
  21. Go to Disneyland
  22. Zipline
  23. Go to a male strip club
  24. Get married
  25. Start my own business
  26. Learn how to play the piano
  27. Become a $$$ multi-millionaire
  28. Have less than 10% body fat
  29. Collect Apple gadgets
  30. Get a DSLR camera
  31. Go to a white party
  32. Learn how to speak other languages
  33. Raise a son and a daughter
  34. Go skinny dipping
  35. Bonfire at the beach with friends
  36. Learn new recipes
  37. Be seen on TV
  38. Kiss a girl
  39. Win first place on a contest
  40. Visit all 50 US states
  41. Attend a mass in Vatican
  42. Learn how to ride a motorcycle
  43. Sit under a cherry blossom tree
  44. Seduce a straight guy
  45. Workout to get six-pack abs
  46. Get a lasik surgery for my eyes
  47. Be a model
  48. Pay it forward
  49. Sky diving
  50. Ride a hot air balloon

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